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5 Tips to Help Avoid Cracking Your Phone or iPad Screen

Tom Zeier

To hear that dreaded crash of your phone or your iPad hitting a hard surface is the stuff of nightmares for most people. Around 40% of iPhone users who had a cracked phone screen couldn't read their emails or use certain letters on the phone's touchpad. Accidents happen and are sometimes unavoidable, but here are five tips you can follow to minimize the risk of cracking your phone or iPad screen.

  1. Use a Case: An Otterbox or some other similar case can drastically reduce the possibility of receiving a cracked screen if your phone or iPad is accidentally dropped. They provide enough of a barrier between your device to assure that minor falls keep the screen intact so you don't have to do the walk of shame to the nearest iPad or cell phone repair service.

  2. Pick the Right Pocket: Be sure to be conscious about where you're sticking your device. A shallow pocket or purse is a surefire one-way ticket to needing phone or iPad repair. If your phone is in your back pocket, you could sit on it. If your iPad isn't properly stowed in your backpack, it could fall. It's important to always keep safety in mind when you put your device somewhere.

  3. Mind Your Car: Be aware of where you're placing your device when in your car. If it's on your lap, it could fall when you go to open the door to get out. Some have even left their iPad on the roof of their vehicle and driven off without even knowing it. Be sure to always place it in a safe space and avoid any unnecessary cell phone screen repair by keeping it off your lap and your iPad off your roof.

  4. Watch Where You're Going: When you're staring at your phone while walking, you run the risk of running into something or someone and knocking your device out of your hands. Ipads are in even more of a danger, since they are typically thinner and harder to get a solid grip on. Avoid some unneeded iPad repair services by keeping your eyes out in front of you.

  5. Keep Your Device Dry: It should be clear, but water is not good for electrical devices. Make sure to keep your phone dry or get a waterproof case or else the water could get in and damage your screen. Don't take your iPad into the tub unless you wanna pay a visit to some iPad repair services .

No one likes a cracked screen on our beloved devices. While it's impossible to make them invincible, if you follow these five steps, you should be able to drastically reduce the risk for a shattered screen. We hope you found these tips helpful.

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