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The 3 Most Common Smart Device Damages One Can Experience

Tom Zeier

Smart devices are everywhere now, with nearly all Americans possessing them in some form or another. Whether it be a smartphone or a tablet, just about everyone has one. In fact, statistics show that by January 2016, 198.5 million Americans owned smartphones. That's over half the individuals in the country.

But with these devices comes a myriad of issues, usually in the form of damaging or losing them. A lost cell phone is a nightmare, and according to statistics, about 33% of people will either lose or damage their phone.

Thankfully there are cell phone repair services to handle these issues.

Your local cell phone repair services see many of the same types of damages on average, and to better help you avoid them, we figured we'd give you a list.

Cracking the Glass

Cell phone screen repair, or really just screen repair in general, as this impacts iPad repair services too, is one of the most common repair requests. Cracked glass is one of the most common forms of damage to a smart device. It can occur when it's dropped, stepped on, pressed against something, or thrown.

And while manufacturers are working to make these devices sturdier, they are still highly breakable.

Damaging The Charging Port

Having issues charging your phone? It could be a problem with your charging port. This can be damaged by either water or other debris getting inside of it.

Signs of a damaged charging port can include the wire falling out, the phone not charging unless the wire is pressed firmly into it, or a loose feeling inside the port itself. Cell phone repair services, or similar smart device repair shops, can fix this issue.

Exposure To Water

Water damage is very common for smart devices, especially those without a waterproof case. Without one of these cases, your device can get wet in the rain or fall in a puddle. It can even occur in the home, with 16% of people damaging their devices in the bathroom.

Water can corrode the internal components of a device and cause serious damage. To remove a small amount of water, many people recommend sticking the phone in a bowl of rise. However, more serious water damage will require a professional's expertise.

Smart devices are an expensive investment, and you should protect them. Getting an insurance plan can assist in this regard. For those of you that don't desire one, taking it to repair services when it breaks can increase the lifespan of your investment a little while longer.